On arrival at our courses students are tested to ensure they are placed in a suitable class.

Language classes are held 6 mornings a week (Monday – Saturday) from roughly 9.30am to 1.00pm. These classes prepare students for Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations and teach the language needed to converse and communicate in French / German / Spanish in the college every day.

In particular the language classes concentrate on:

  • developing oral fluency

  • revising basic grammatical structures

  • practicing for oral and aural examinations

  • preparation for written examinations

Each student’s progress is monitored and a written report is sent to parents at the end of the course.

It is our aim to provide an educational environment where students learn and enjoy themselves simultaneously. Original language programmes are devised for all Euro Languages College courses by our team of Programme Directors who are among the most highly qualified and experienced people in their field in Ireland.

These programmes are unique and under constant review to cater for the needs of our students and changes in examination syllabi.


French, German & Spanish Summer Courses
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