I just wanted to convey my sincere gratitude to the Spanish ELC team. My daughter completed a highly enjoyable and fun course again this year.

She has spoken so highly of the assistants, managers and teachers for their very warm, friendly, open, fun and complimentary approach to the delivery of the course.

The whole experience we believe not only advanced her understanding of Spanish but more importantly proved to be character building in the most positive way because of the very positive atmosphere that was created by the ELC team.

Since last year at ELC, I informed many parents of the wonderful and beneficial experience this has been and I will continue to do so. Of course, I cannot finish this email without giving due acknowledgement to the chef and his/her staff, my daughter has consistently spoken so highly of the lovely food she received at ELC and this year was no different.

Lisa Winters O Donnell Parent of past pupil

My 14-year-old daughter recently attended one of your 3-week French courses in Villiers, Limerick. I thought I would drop you an email to thank you for such an excellent and well-organized course! The whole team were excellent and so well prepared.

She thoroughly enjoyed her 3 weeks at the school and made many new friends as well as significantly improving her French for Junior Cert next year. I wish you continued success in running these courses and hopefully we can send her on another course soon.

Neil Brown Parent of past pupil

I just wanted to say a sincere thanks to you for all your help whilst my son was attending Clongowes French course. He had a fantastic time and enjoyed every aspect of the course: the classes, accommodation, wonderful manager and teachers, and extracurricular activities.

Many thanks again and I wish you continued success.

Catherine Costello Parent of past pupil

First and foremost, my daughter had a really good time at ELC, and feels she made great progress with her French. I have friends in Antibes but my daughter did not feel ready to do an exchange this year.
We chose ELC to allow her build up enough confidence in French in a structured setting, and at the same time knowing I was within driving distance if it didn’t work out. She found it tougher than she had expected at first, and the sheer effort of speaking French all the time had her exhausted, but by the end of the first week seemed to be getting on fine.

I took my daughter out both Sundays, and found that she was starting sentences in French. She thought that her teacher was excellent, her classes being challenging and at the right pace.

While I had spoken to parents whose kids had been to ELC years ago, and I read the brochure & website carefully, there were a few things I did not know about ELC that really impressed me:

1. From reading the ELC brochure, I figured that some of the teachers would be native French speakers, but that the managers, animateurs and most of the teachers would be Irish, albeit with a very high level of French. I was very impressed at the number of native French speakers on the team at Villiers, and I can hear the improvement in my daughter?s pronunciation because of this.

2. On the brochure it says that students will be supervised at all times. The level of supervision at Villiers was very high. There was an assistant in my daughter?s dormitory so that they couldn’t stay up half the night speaking English. I also thought the allocation of places in the canteen, with a staff member at each table was excellent. Firstly, so nobody is left without a friend to sit with, and secondly ensuring conversation was in French.

Mary Rose Walker Parent of past pupil
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