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Oral Course

We are happy to announce our Oral Courses are back!

About the course:

About ELC

We are innovators in the field of language learning; running summer courses since 1989. In 2004, we ran our first French Oral preparation course as we have the experience and skills required to deliver this specific course to fine tune students before the oral exam

1-day Preparation Course for French Oral

As an extension of the Euro Languages College summer courses, our curriculum experts have researched and developed a French Pre-Oral Exam Day Course, (The oral exam accounts for 25% in Higher Leven and 20% in Ordinary Level). Over 1500 pupils have taken part to date and more than 95% of them have been satisfied with the course. Students who take this course will gain increased confidence and be better equipped to succeed in the oral examination.

Location and Cost: 

The course will be held in Belvedere College, in Dublin. The cost is €150. 

What happens on the course?

  • Full explanation of marking scheme and how to get into the top bands.
  • A private mock oral exam with an experienced Teacher, including feedback.
  • Question and answer sessions.
  • Tips on how to expand answers, lead the examiner, personalize replies etc.
  • A list of common mistakes with grammar structures.
  • Training on verbs and oral questions associated with them.

Why should you attend? 

  • Small groups – 1 Teacher to a maximum of 15 students.
  • You will gain in confidence as the oral exam will no longer feel like unknown territory.
  • You will get notes so that you can continue your oral preparation and practice at home before the actual exam.
  • Guidance and advice on your “document.”
  • Over 1500 students have done our course with over 95% satisfaction rates.
  • The French oral examination makes up 25% of your grade at Higher Level. It is important to feel prepared and confident in order to maximize your chances of getting a higher mark.
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