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Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions must be agreed to by the student and all parties relevant to this agreement i.e. both parent(s) / guardian(s). Do not proceed with the booking until all parties relevant to this agreement have read the Rules, General Procedures, Refund of Fees Paid, Other Information, and Privacy Policy.

  1. We have read the Rules, General Procedures and Other Information and the section on Refund of Fees Paid and agree to be bound by the conditions therein.
  2. We will inform the person designated  (Emergency Contact Person) that they will be contacted should an emergency arise and / or in the case of a breach of the rules or expulsion if we cannot be contacted.
  3. If at any time during his / her course my / our child requires urgent medical treatment including surgery and provided that I / we or the person designated on my / our behalf cannot be contacted, I / we give permission to the course manager, doctor or surgeon designated to make any decision that might prove necessary.
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