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General Procedures


Students arriving with parents are expected to register between 4.00pm and 5.30pm on the date of commencement.

Our language rules come into force immediately upon arrival. This is because it has been our experience that in order to maintain the use of the second language it is necessary to exclude the use of English as completely as possible.

Parents are therefore requested to leave as soon as they have brought students to the reception area.

Parents should not ask to visit the dormitories or other areas of the school with a student.

Parents and students can relax in the knowledge that the staff of Euro Languages College is an understanding, caring and warm group of people. They will make every effort to ensure that all students feel welcome and secure from the moment of their arrival.

The manager and assistant manager will be available at the reception area to meet parents and discuss any further information, medical or otherwise that may have come to light since the completion of the original application form.



Students will depart early on the final day of the course. Those parents collecting students are asked to do so by 12 noon. Euro Languages College staff will not be responsible for students who have not been collected after this time. 


Euro Languages College will offer a bus from Phoenix Park, Dublin, to Ennis, Limerick and Bandon. You can book this service online when you’re booking your child. 

Items Not Allowed

In the interest of preserving the French / German / Spanish atmosphere on our courses the following items are not allowed and they will be confiscated:

  • Mobile phones. 
  • Any audio equipment.
  • Laptops or any tablet devices.
  • PSPs and Nintendo DS
  • Audio or books in any language other than French / German / Spanish.
  • Alcoholic beverages, tobacco, vapes, Tipp-Ex, aerosols (including deodorants).
  • Knives or any sharp items. 

Euro Languages College accepts no responsibility for the safekeeping of such confiscated items.

Settling In

Students will be given every help and encouragement to settle in and feel at home. Sometimes this may take a little while. Parents should rest assured that if there is a serious problem in this regard they will be advised by the management team. If a student calls home within the first few days of any course, we would request parents to advise them to stay. It is our experience that even the most homesick do eventually settle down. Students should let staff know if they are experiencing difficulties. Students may speak to the management team in English if they are having problems (these are the only staff members allowed to speak English and do so only in the case of student distress). 

In the interest of language learning, we advise that students / friends do not request dormitory accommodation together. It is most difficult to speak a second language to one with whom you practice another!

Use of Mobile Phones

Students are not permitted to use mobile phones and are not permitted to keep a mobile phone either on their person or with their belongings in the dorms. 

On the second evening between anytime between 8.00pm and 8.45pm we will allow students to retrieve their mobile phones (if they are brought with them) from the confiscated items to call home to say they are settling in well. Students then hand back their phones to be kept in the office. Mobile phones are also given to students on Saturday between the same time period to arrange the Sunday visits. 

To make contact with the course at any other time, you can call the Euro Languages College phone number (provided shortly before course start date). Students can come into the office anytime and call home if needed. 

Please note that Euro Languages College accepts no responsibility for the safe keeping of phones if students decide to bring them.

Sunday Visits

Visiting time is limited to Sunday afternoon between midday and 5.30p.m. If you arrive after midday you can still take your son / daughter out of the college but the return time will still be 5.30pm.

  • No student will be permitted to leave the college with other relatives, family friends or parents of friends on the course unless specific written authority to do so has been sent to the course manager by their parents.
  • The Parent / Guardian email addresses given will be the only email addresses from which written permission for Sunday visits etc will be accepted.
  • Parents and students must leave the college grounds for the full duration of such visits.
  • Visitors may not go beyond the reception area of the college while they await the student they are visiting.

The same person who signs a student out must sign the student back in to the college.

Any student who returns to the college under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be liable for immediate expulsion. (see rules).

Emergency Contact Person

At the time of booking, you must provide the name, address and telephone number of relative / friend (in Ireland) to act on behalf of the parent(s) / guardian(s) in case contact cannot be made in the case of emergency/expulsion. Please provide a suitable responsible adult and let them know that they will be contacted should an emergency arise and / or in the case of a breach of the rules or expulsion only if the parent(s)/guardian(s) cannot be contacted. You may choose to enter the details of a relative, neighbour or family friend.

Please do not provide the same details of either parent / guardian again. 


The following is the standard wording with respect to the Employers/Public Liability Insurance which will be put in place through our insurance agents.


Legal liability to pay compensation to all our personnel in respect of death, bodily injury or disease sustained by them and arising out of and during the course of their duties and caused by the negligence of the company, our servants and agents.


Legal liability to pay compensation as follows:

  • Death, bodily injury or disease to any third party person, caused by the negligence of the company, our servants or agents, and arising out of and during the course of the business.
  • Damage to third party property, caused by the negligence of the company, our servants or agents, and arising out of and during the course of the business.

You will note that students attending Euro Languages College courses will be considered third parties in the event of a claim; indemnity on any one claim is 6,500,000 Euro.


Euro Languages College International Ltd. accepts no responsibility for students’ belongings. We suggest that parents should investigate the possibility of arranging an extension of their household insurance policy to cover students’ belongings.

We would also like to advise students to leave items of value at home that are not suitable for a summer camp environment, as Euro Languages College is not responsible for replacing items that get broken and/or lost.

Permission Regarding Photos & Films

Photos and/or footage may be taken of your child during the course for certain activities or to document life in ELC. Consent is given to use your child’s image in promotional material and publicity. 

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