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Spanish Summer Language Courses

Improve your spanish for leaving cert & Junior Cycle

Spanish Residential Summer Courses

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Euro Languages College’s Spanish Summer Camps in Ireland will take place in Cistercian College, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, from the 1st to the 17th of July and in Presentation Boarding School, Thurles, Co. Tipperary from the 1st to the 18th of August. Our goal is for students to enjoy themselves as they learn Spanish in a fun educational environment. Our staff comes from many different Spanish speaking countries such as Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and many more. 

Students will gain an insight in Spanish and Latin culture with many activities such as salsa dancing and reggaeton,  while also focusing on grammar and conversational Spanish. All of the above will improve students performance in Spanish Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate Examinations. 

Key Features

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Why choose Spanish summer courses in Ireland?

Immersive Language Learning Experience

In our Spanish language courses, students immerse themselves in an enriching Spanish language experience where the emphasis is on both enjoyment and education. 

With our diverse staff from different Spanish-speaking regions, students won’t just learn Spanish; they’ll live it.



Our Spanish Summer Courses in Ireland includes a team of dedicated and skilled teachers, each passionate about sharing the richness of the Spanish language. 

Comprised of qualified Irish Secondary School Spanish teachers, and Spanish teachers that have a Master’s Degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, they use their experience and diverse range of teaching methods to ensure an immersive, effective, and entertaining learning experience.

Members of our staff now work in prestigious schools and universities in Ireland can attest to the impact our Spanish language courses, having witnessed their own students improve their Spanish oral, Spanish Leaving Cert and Spanish Junior Cycle.


Our Spanish language courses are the best way for students to prepare for their upcoming examinations. Focusing 100% on material that will be useful for their  Leaving Cert and Junior Cycle, and with over more than 40 hours of tuition, most of them do not feel the necessity to do Spanish grinds during the academic year.

9 out of 10 students improve their conversational skills, pronunciation and felt more confident about their written and oral exams after our Leaving Cert Spanish Summer Courses.

Topics Studied:

Convenient Locations in Ireland

All our Spanish Summer Courses in Ireland take place in carefully selected colleges or boardings schools with spacious grounds and a variety of sporting facilities. 

Cistercian College

Roscrea, Co. Tipperary
1st - 17th July


For those looking to take Spanish courses near Dublin, we will be offering a bus service that bring students from Dublin directly to both course locations: Cistercian College, Roscrea, and Presentation Boarding School, in Thurles. 

Parents and guardians can benefit from this convenient transportation service, ensuring a stress-free and punctual journey to the course location.


Afternoon Activities

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Evening Activities

Many questions on different trivia themes! May the best team win!

The perfect way of breaking the ice for students on the first week. Students get to know each other by filling out questionnaires in 2 minute slots and trying to make new friends.

Students get a chance to make a short film with their classmates. Films are then shown and compete for an award in the “Festival de Peliculas”

Students looking for hidden treasure throughout the college grounds. However, getting to the gold isn’t that simple as teams, equipped with clues, students must overcome a series of riddles and games to come up trumps!

Run through French, German or Spanish, students get the opportunity to learn well-known Irish dances.

Black Jack, Roulette, 21 and many more all to be enjoyed with our very specially designed ELC currency! With our fake wedding certificates, some students may even take the plunge and get hitched in Vegas!

Series of tournaments and relay races in an atmosphere to mimic the Ancient Olympic Games.

Students first watch an horror movie, followed by a spooky tour of the school.

Each class creates a song in the target language and then perform it for their peers.

Students get the chance to put their dancing shoes on and say au revoir / adios / auf wiedersehen to their peers.

Cultural activities at our Spanish Summer Camps:

¡Fiesta Time! The Fiesta Latina is a student all time favourite. Listening to salsa music, dancing to reggaeton, learning about “Día de Muertos”, and trying some Mexican snacks is always a guarantee.

Students get to experience a traditional party in Spain: from trying small tapas, learning to dance flamenco, and singing Spanish music.

Have a look:

Daily Timetable

Spanish Last Night Disco
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday


Join us this summer!

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Our Spanish Summer Courses in Ireland are well-designed programs that offer a unique combination of immersive language learning, cultural insight, and engaging activities that provide the students with the most enriching experience. 

 With our dedicated team of experienced teachers and fun atmosphere, Euro Language College ensures that every student not only improves their language skills but also creates lasting memories. Join us for a summer full of language learning , culture and friendship!


Enrolling in one of our  Spanish Summer Courses in Ireland will give you the best opportunity to focus on your grades for continuous assessment exams, the Spanish Junior Cycle, and the Spanish Leaving Cert. With more than 40 hours of intensive tuition, you will gain confidence, and feel more prepared. Parents express satisfaction as their teenagers make progress in Spanish without the stress and anxiety of travelling abroad, and many don’t feel the need to enroll in grinds during the year.

Students are not permitted to use mobile phones and are not permitted to keep a mobile phone either on their person or with their belongings in the dorms. 

On the second evening between anytime between 8.00pm and 8.45pm we will allow students to retrieve their mobile phones (if they are brought with them) from the confiscated items to call home to say they are settling in well. Students then hand back their phones to be kept in the office. Mobile phones are also given to students on Saturday between the same time period to arrange the Sunday visits. 

To make contact with the course at any other time, you can call the Euro Languages College phone number (provided shortly before course start date). Students can come into the office anytime and call home if needed. 

Please note that Euro Languages College accepts no responsibility for the safe keeping of phones if students decide to bring them.

  • Writing materials, copybook and a dictionary (optional).
  • Duvet, pillows and bed linen.
  • Clothes hangers, if desired, as these are quite limited in some colleges.
  • Clothes: Comfortable and appropriate clothing should be brought. Students can bring some old clothes for use in the fun filled activity nights (Fancy dress/ Casino Evening etc).

Visiting time is limited to Sunday afternoon between midday and 5.30p.m. If you arrive after midday you can still take your son / daughter out of the college but the return time will still be 5.30pm.

  • No student will be permitted to leave the college with other relatives, family friends or parents of friends on the course unless specific written authority to do so has been sent to the course manager by their parents.
  • The Parent / Guardian email addresses given will be the only email addresses from which written permission for Sunday visits etc will be accepted.
  • Parents and students must leave the college grounds for the full duration of such visits.
  • Visitors may not go beyond the reception area of the college while they await the student they are visiting.

The same person who signs a student out must sign the student back in to the college.

Any student who returns to the college under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be liable for immediate expulsion. (see rules).

As the dorm situations in each school can vary, we can not promise all students sharing preferences will be accommodated. We will do our utmost best to ensure all students get to dorm with at least one friend. We kindly ask that all student sharing preferences be put in the Special Request box during the booking process in order to ensure early allocation of rooms and preferences. 

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