Summer Jobs

Each year Euro Languages College recruit staff to work during each three-week summer course.

Native French, German and Spanish speakers can apply, as well as those people whose mother tongue is English but who are fluent in either French, German or Spanish.

We begin interviews in February. All staff sleep in the host college in a supervisory capacity and eat their meals with the students.

The staff at each course comprises of the following:


Assistants are generally in TY or 5th year (must be 16 years old before the summer)


  • Speak French/German/Spanish at all times during the course and encourage students attending the course to do the same.
  • Help with administrative duties.
  • Help create and maintain a lively and enjoyable atmosphere in the daily life at the college.
  • Participate in and organise sporting and non-sporting activities.
  • Supervise students at certain times of the day.

To apply for this role please contact head office for an application pack.



  • Organise and supervise activities in afternoons and evenings.
  • Promote language learning in the everyday life of the college.
  • Communicate informally with the students during meal times and in the corridors.
  • Supervise the students in their free time, at meals and in the dormitories.



Teachers should be qualified teachers


  • Deliver the teaching programme to the students.
  • Promote language learning in the everyday life of the college.
  • Communicate informally with the students during meal times and in the corridors.
  • Ensure that the students are speaking the target language.
  • Supervise the students in their free-time.
  • Evaluate the progress of students in the class.
  • Organise and animate some of the evening activities.

Assistant Manager 1/Directeur
adjoint/Direktionsassistent/Adjunto Gerente

Assistant Manager 1 is responsible for Quality Control


  • Operate the course bank account efficiently.
  • Keep accurate records of Tuck Shop, Petty Cash, Accident Reports.
  • Supervise canteen during meal times.
  • Liaise with the Nurse in relation to Students who require medical attention.
  • Liaise with host college in relation to catering, accommodation, housekeeping.

Assistant Manager 2/Directeur
adjoint/Direktionsassistent/Adjunto Gerente

Assistant Manager 2 is responsible for smooth running of the activities.


  • Ensure that students have a varied programme of activities every day.
  • Maintain an accurate map of the school indicating all activity areas.
  • Encourage leadership in students.
  • Carry out daily checks of the entire area for cleanliness, and the cleaning timetable.
  • Organise meetings with Animators and Assistants to plan activities.
  • Liaise with head office, record keeping and filing.

Course Manager/Directrice du Stage/Kursleiter/in/Gerene del Curso

The Course Manager is responsible for the overall running of course. Previous experience in Administration/Management would be an advantage


  • Co-ordinate and manage staff training.
  • Organise daily meetings with Teachers, Animators and Assistants.
  • Ensure maximum utilisation of all equipment and language resources.
  • Liaison with head office and record keeping in relation to filing and reporting accidents, complaints, sickness, homesickness, student, parent and staff problems.
  • Deal with Student expulsions when applicable, and Parents’ queries and concerns.
  • Accept overall responsibility for welfare of up 230 students and 35 staff.

If you are interested in working with Euro Languages College, send a one page CV to us by email.

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