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Our Staff


Each course has a Manager who is responsible for the overall running of the course and who is supported by two Assistant Managers.


Teachers are a mix of highly qualified and experienced Irish teachers of French, German or Spanish and teachers who are native speakers of French, German or Spanish with experience of teaching in Ireland.

The Irish teachers are involved because they are familiar with the difficulties experienced by Irish students learning modern languages in the classroom situation. Many of them will have worked in French, German or Spanish speaking countries.

All teachers are attracted to the Euro Languages College format because they believe that language teaching goes beyond the classroom.

Our programme provides them with the opportunity to put the communicative approach into practice by creating a French, German or Spanish speaking environment  every day.


Animators who are involved in the recreational, sport and leisure activities are mostly from different French, German and Spanish speaking countries.

They are generally trained in youth work in their own countries and provide an important linguistic and cultural dimension to our programmes.

The advantage of the activities organised by the foreign language animators is that they provide a context in which it is natural to speak the foreign language.


Assistants are usually Irish second level students who have previously attended Euro Languages College and who have received special training in group leadership.

All our personnel are involved in general supervision, including during meal times and the dormitories.

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