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Pocket Money

All pocket money is to be banked on the day of arrival. A card system will be run so that the students won’t use cash, but can still pay for items from the tuck shop or send clothes to the launderette. Euro Languages College will not be liable for any money not lodged in the bank. 

As a guide, the only pocket money requirements will be for:

  • Tuck Shop sells crisps, chocolate, sweets, soft drinks, water, stamps etc.
  • Laundry (if students wish to avail of this facility) – An arrangement is made with a local launderette to collect and return students’ laundry, which is charged at the usual rate.
  • Swimming in colleges that do not have their own pool.
  • Doctor visits in case your son / daughter should need it.
  • Students must also pay for a grammar book. In summer 2022 was 31 euro

Medical Attention/Medicines

A nurse will attend the college daily. Students requiring medical attention will be brought to the doctor or nearest hospital. Medical costs will be deducted from the student’s bank account. Please ensure that pocket money is adequate to cover such deductions. Please note  any special medical care that might be needed in our booking form, or notify us directly prior the commencement of the course. All medicines must be handed over during registration. These will be dispensed as necessary throughout the course.

Tuck Shop

Tuck may be purchased from the college tuck shop. The shop sells crisps, chocolate, sweets, soft drinks, water, stamps etc. No tuck or drinks may be consumed or stored in dormitories.

Religious Services

Sunday Mass will be held in each college when a priest is available. This is not compulsory. 

Dictionaries / Writing Materials

Students are requested to bring a copy book and writing materials. Dictionaries are optional but advised. 


Due to limited hanging/wardrobe space, students are requested to bring the minimum amount of clothes necessary. These should be suitable for a summer camp. They should be colourfast, non-shrinkable, machine washable and clearly marked with the identity of the student. Students can also bring clothes hangers and some old clothes for use in concerts, drama and fancy dress.


Students must bring their own bed linen (sheets, pillows, pillowcases) and duvets or sleeping bags, as these are not supplied at any of the colleges. Students must also bring their own towels.


Sending clothes to a laundry will be available at a normal cost. Euro Languages College is not responsible for the damage to or loss of any clothes sent to the laundry / launderette.


Depending on college location and the weather, students attending colleges with no pool may be taken to swim under supervision to local areas / pools (cost to be borne by students). Please indicate if for any reason you do not wish your child to swim at the appropriate question at the booking stage.

Sports Gear and Equipment

Euro Languages College provides all sports equipment needed for activities. Students should bring their own sports gear (shoes, swimwear and swimming caps etc.). Please ensure that these are clearly marked. 

Musical Instruments

Students are requested to bring musical instruments to add to the evening’s entertainment. Again please ensure that these are easily identifiable. 

Euro Languages College does not take responsibility for any damage or loss. 

Student Belongings

We would like to advise students to leave at home personal items of value or items that are easily broken (e.g. watches or clothes) that are not essential for a summer camp environment, as Euro Languages College takes no responsibility for student belongings.

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