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Rules Overview

In order to secure the atmosphere we wish to prevail in our colleges, it is expected that students will follow certain rules and procedures.

They have been drawn up in the students’ own interest and relate to safety, supervision of the language and behaviour.

Language Speaking

Students must make the effort to communicate in French / German / Spanish at all times in accordance with their ability.

If students fail to do this, they will be given a detention (where they will work on different linguistic aspects). If the student continues to not make an effort, he or she will receive a warning and their parents will be advised. If the situation repeats itself, then the student will be sent home.

No reimbursement of fees applies. No exceptions will be made.



Smoking is a health hazard and a fire risk. It is strictly forbidden in our schools and on our school grounds. Students who smoke are liable to immediate expulsion. Vaping is not permitted; please see the section on “Items Not Allowed.”


The possession and consumption of alcohol and the use of drugs are strictly forbidden and warrant immediate expulsion.


Students who return to college after a visit, under the influence of alcohol or drugs are liable for immediate expulsion. 


Any pupil found stealing or vandalizing property is liable to be expelled. Pupils will be charged for damages or graffiti to the college buildings, equipment, furniture, or to another students belongings. If a group is involved and individuals not identified, the cost of repair will be apportioned by the Course Manager.


In the interest of providing a high level of supervision for the students own safety and for insurance purposes as well as supervision of the language of the following out of bounds rules apply:

(a) No student may leave the grounds of the college unless on an official organized college outing. Euro Languages College  will not be liable for any loss or injury that might occur should a student do so.

(b) Certain areas within each College are out of bounds at different times of the day and / or evenings. Students will be advised of all these areas upon arrival. No students may enter these out of bounds. 

      -No boy may visit any of the girls’ dormitories, and no girl may visit any of the boys’ dormitories at any time.

      -Students who leave their dormitory area after lights out are considered out of bounds.

(c )Swimming (where applicable): other than at allotted supervision times, swimming is forbidden and warrants expulsion.


A high standard of behaviour and good manners is required at all times. Students must obey the direction of staff. Disrespect, persistent disobedience, unruly behaviour or bullying towards staff or fellow students will not be tolerated and warrants expulsion, and there will be no reimbursement of fees. No exceptions will be made.


For all discipline issues that arise, Euro Languages College operates a Restorative Practice form available in the policies section, here the students have the opportunity to fill out the restorative practice or reflective forms so that their student voice is respected and listened to and to allow for self-reflection following any incident.


If a student is in breach of the above rules so as to warrant expulsion, the Course Manager will immediately contact the parents (or the contact they have provided in the event of their being away from home) to advise them of the situation.

After the decision has been made that the student will be sent home, the student will either be collected by his / her parents, or the person designated on the day of expulsion. Otherwise, the student will be sent home by public transport (Students under 16 will be accompanied by a staff member).

It is the parents’ responsibility, or the responsibility of the person designated to act on their behalf, to ensure that a responsible adult will be available to receive a student thus expelled. Euro Languages College accepts no responsibility for any student following expulsion.

An expulsion comes into effect from the moment that the student is advised that he / she is being expelled. Students therefore are not advised of their expulsion until shortly before the time they are due to depart the college. It should be noted that once a student has been advised of their expulsion, he / she will not be allowed any further association with the other students. We therefore ask both parents and students to read our rules and the section on general procedures and other information prior to making a booking for our courses.


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