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Dialogue Construction in the Spanish Leaving Certificate

¡Hola a todos! Welcome to our blog. In today’s post, we’re putting the spotlight on a crucial aspect of Spanish examinations: dialogue construction. 

Proficiency in both written expression and dialogue construction is key for your Leaving Cert. The written component not only showcases one’s ability to articulate thoughts coherently but also serves as a reflection of a deeper understanding of the language.  

Furthermore, adeptness in dialogue construction demonstrates a practical mastery of conversational Spanish, emphasizing the importance of real-world communication skills. The ability to seamlessly construct dialogues in Spanish is a testament to linguistic fluency and cultural awareness, essential qualities that go beyond academic assessments and are indicative of a well-rounded language learner. 

Let’s take a closer look at a notable example of dialogue construction that captures the essence of effective communication in Spanish. 

Sample Answer – Written Production Q1 a - Dialogue Construction 2023 Spanish Leaving Cert paper.

Instructions similar to what you’ll see in you Leaving Cert are in bold. 

Sample answers are underlined. 

You are spending a year in Madrid, and you want to join a local basketball club.   

Complete in Spanish the dialogue: 

  • Entrenador:  Buenos días, ¿así que quieres jugar al baloncesto con nosotros?  

Say that you are delighted to meet him.  Say that you are going to spend a year  studying in Madrid and that you would like to stay fit.  

  • Tú: Hola entrenador, encantado/a de conocerle. Estudiaré  por un año en Madrid y me gustaría mantenerme en forma. 
  • Entrenador:  Estupendo. ¿Juegas bien al baloncesto?   

Say that you have never played basketball, you prefer Gaelic football.  There was a good team in your school and they won the final last year.  

  • Tú: Yo nunca he jugado al baloncesto, yo prefiero el futbol gaélico. Había un buen equipo en mi escuela, y ganaron la final el año pasado. 
  • Entrenador:  Si, conozco el fútbol gaélico. ¡Los mejores jugadores deben ser muy ricos!  

Say that they don’t earn anything, they love the sport.  The GAA is a voluntary organisation and a very important part of Irish culture. 

  • Tú: Ellos no ganan nada, ellos aman el deporte. El GAA es una organización voluntaria y muy importante para la cultura irlandesa. 
  • Entrenador: ¿No eres un poco bajito/a para jugar al baloncesto? 

Say that’s true, you are not very tall, but you are smart.  You don’t mind training often and you get on well with your teammates.  

  • Tú: Si es cierto no soy tan alto, pero soy inteligente. No me importaría entrenar a menudo y me llevo bien con mis compañeros de equipo. 
  • Entrenador:  Pues, entrenamos los martes y los jueves a las siete de la tarde.   

Tell him that seems ok, but you will arrive a bit late as your classes in the university don’t finish until six thirty every day. 

  • Tú: Me parece bien, pero llegaré un poco tarde ya que mis clases de la universidad no terminan hasta las seis y media todos los días. 
  • Entrenador:  No te preocupes. ¿Te puedo ayudar en algo más?    

Say that your parents love basketball and you want to bring them to a game during their visiti in January. Ask if it’s difficult to get tickets. 

  • Tú: Mis padres aman el baloncesto y les quiero traer al partido durante su visita en Enero. ¿Es difícil encontrar boletos? 

In conclusion, mastering the art of Spanish dialogue construction is undeniably crucial for success in the Leaving Cert Spanish examination. Utilize past papers, marking schemes, and available resources to refine your skills. Whether you’re expressing yourself in writing or engaging in spoken communication, the mastery of dialogue construction will not only enhance your exam performance but also contribute to your overall linguistic proficiency

We hope these tips come in handy for your exams! And if you’re looking for even more guidance and preparation for the Leaving Cert, our Spanish courses are an excellent resource. And remember, practice makes perfect! 

¡Buena suerte! Good luck on your  Spanish Leaving Cert journey! 

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