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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose ELC

  1. Over 40 hours of tuition during the course – That adds up to about half an academic year.
  2. The course costs about €80 a day – compare that to grinds which can be €40 / €50 for just one hour.
  3. The anxiety, expense and difficulties involved in going abroad are eliminated.
  4. A 1:6 staff to student ratio; they have constant supervision including mealtimes and in the dorms.
  5. Courses are so well structured so that nothing is left to chance. Students are occupied at all times – in class or during activities.
  6. Courses are residential. There is total immersion in the language.
  7. Original course programmes are devised by a team of the most highly qualified and experienced people in the country.
  8. Native French, German and Spanish speaking staff provide an essential linguistic and cultural dimension to the courses.
  9. Excellent Teachers of French, German and Spanish meet the needs of Irish students in the classroom and help to prepare for exams.
  10. A wide range and choice of activities create a stimulating environment where students both learn and enjoy themselves.
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