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Le Journal Intime – Leaving Cert French

Le Journal Intime - Leaving Cert French

Le Journal Intime: The diary entry part of the Leaving Cert French exam is a hugely popular choice with over 75% of students opting to do it.

Fear not, we’re here to guide you through acing “Le Journal Intime.” From expressing elation to weathering disappointment, we’ve got you covered with key phrases and essential grammar tips. So, grab your pen, and let’s embark on this linguistic adventure together!

While students tend to do very well in this question, they must have a good grasp on the French language in order to achieve top marks.  This is an optional question which appears at both Higher and Ordinary Level.  Students tend to enjoy preparing for this question as the style is informal and they can incorporate some interesting vocab and idioms in their answer. Again, try to recycle vocabulary from other aspects of the exam such as the oral. It is important to note the tone and mood in which you will be writing in.

You are asked to write 75 words minimum. Usually, you have to react to something very good or something very bad that happened to you. It is very important that you express your feelings.

1. Grammar:

You will required to use most of the usual tenses but especially:

  • Présent: to express how you feel at the time you are writing you entry.
  • Passé composé: to write about events that took place that day or before.
  • Futur: to express any plans for the next day, the coming weekend …
  • What you hope to do: J’espère + infinitive / J’aimerais + infinitive.

2. The lay out:

Write the day and the time at the top. Start with “Cher journal”. End with one of these expressions: bonne nuit ! or à demain. 


Vous avez gagné deux billets pour un concert. Malheureusement, vos examens sont proches et vos parents ne veulent pas vous laisser y aller. Qu’est-ce que vous notez à ce sujet dans votre journal intime ? (75 mots environ).

Sentences to help

Quelle soirée horrible !What a horrible evening !
Tu ne croiras jamais ce qui m’est arrivé(e) !You will never believe what happened to me!
Aujourd’hui c’était la pire / la meilleure journée de ma vie !Today was the worst / the best day of my life !
Je n’y crois pas !I can’t believe it !
Je n’oublierai jamais cette journée !I will never forget this day !
Ce soir, je n’ai pas sommeil car …I don’t feel sleepy tonight because …
En revenant du lycée, ma mère / mon père m’a dit que …On my way back from school, my mum / my dad told me …
Mes parents m’ont annoncé que …My parents announced to me that …
J’en ai marre deI’m fed up with
J’en ai assez ! / J’en ai ras le bol !I’ve had enough !
Mes parents me tapent sur les nerfs !My parents are annoying !
J’ai le cafardI feel low
Je suis hors de moi !I am furious !
J’ai vraiment du mal à + infinitifI really find it hard + infinitive
C’est ennuyeuxIt’s boring
Je ne sais pas quoi faireI don’t know what to do
Pour couronner le tout …To top it off
Je suis très déçu(e) de + infinitifI am very disappointed to
Quelle déception !How disappointing !
J’étais triste de + infinitifI was sad to + infinitive
Je m’en fiche / ça m’est égal !I don’t care !
Quel dommage !What a pity !
Ça m’énerve !This is annoying !
Tant pis !Never mind / too bad !
Je suis de mauvaise humeurI am in a bad mood
Je vais me coucher tôt ce soirI am going to go to bed early tonight
Mon week-end est fichuMy weekend is ruined
Tous mes projets tombent à l’eauAll my projects are falling to pieces
Je me suis disputé(e) avec …I had an argument with …
Nous nous sommes disputé(s) à propos de / du / de la / des / de l’ … We argued about …
Ils ne me font pas confianceThey don’t trust me
Ils ne comprennent rienThey don’t get it
Je n’ai jamais le droit de sortirI am never allowed to go out
Ça devait être un super concert mais je n’y assisterai pasIt should be a great concert but I will not attend it
Je ne leur parle plusI don’t talk to them anymore
C’est tout pour ce soirThat’s all for tonight
Il est tard, je suis crevé(e)It’s late, I am wrecked
Demain, j’en parlerai à …Tomorrow, I will speak to …
Espérons que ça s’arrangeLet’s hope it will get better
J’essaierai de les convaincre de me laisser y allerI will try and convince them to let me go

So there you have it! Your “Journal Intime” section in the LC exam is a great place to secure good points if you prepare for it correctly. We hope these tips come in handy for your exams! And if you’re looking for even more guidance and preparation for the Leaving Cert, our French courses are an excellent resource. And remember, practice makes perfect! 

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