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Afternoon & Evening Activities

Afternoon Activities

In the afternoons, there are numerous activities to choose from such as:

  • Tip Rugby
  • GAA
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Racket Sports (badminton, tennis, unihoc, rounders)
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Music
  • Zumba
  • Board games
  • Yoga
  • and many more…

The range of activities available depends on the facilities at the college. Swimming is available where there is access to a pool. See the Our Colleges page for details.

Evening Activities

Following the evening assembly, students can look forward to an evening of activities all carried out through the target language.

A selection of these activities is listed below:

  • Table Quiz: Many questions on different trivia themes! May the best team win!
  • Speed Dating: The perfect way of breaking the ice for students on the first week. Students get to know each other by filling out questionnaires in 2 minute slots and trying to make new friends.
  • Cluedo: Students watch a short ‘murder mystery’  film prepared by our staff. The ‘suspects’ are then questioned by the students in an attempt to find out ‘Who dunnit?’
  • Festival de Cannes: Students get a chance to make a short film with their classmates. Films are then shown and compete for an award in the “Festival de Cannes”. 
  • Treasure Hunt: Students looking for hidden treasure throughout the college grounds. However, getting to the gold isn’t that simple as teams, equipped with clues, students must overcome a series of riddles and games to come up trumps!
  • Céilí (run through French, German or Spanish): Students get the opportunity to learn well-known Irish dances.
  • Casino Night: Black Jack, Roulette, 21 and many more all to be enjoyed with our very specially designed ELC currency! With our fake wedding certificates, some students may even take the plunge and get hitched in Vegas!
  • Olympics: Series of tournaments and relay races in an atmosphere to mimic the Ancient Olympic Games.
  • Horror Night: Students first watch an horror movie, followed by a spooky tour of the school.
  • Eurovision Song Contest: Each class creates a song in the target language and then perform it for their peers.
  • Last Night Disco: Students get the chance to put their dancing shoes on and say au revoir / adios / auf wiedersehen to their peers.
  • and many more…

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