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Spanish blog post: ¿ Ser o Estar ?

Spanish Blog Post: ¿Ser o Estar?

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Our Spanish blog post is here. Are you struggling with Ser and Estar? 

While both translate to “to be” in English, their usage can be a puzzle for Spanish learners. While it’s true that it is not easy to make the difference between these two verbs, we have figured out a way for you to unravel this riddle!

To use “SER”, you have to think about DOCTOR and to use “Estar”, think about PLACE.

With this key in hand, you’ll find yourself confidently maneuvering through sentences in no time.


D EFINITIONLa paella es un plato de arroz
O CUPATIONSoy profesor(a) de español
C HARACTERISTICEl niño es simpático
T IMESon las once en punto
O RIGINLa profesora es española
R ELATIONSHIPElla es mi hermana
P OSITIONLa niña está sentada
L OCATIONCórdoba está en el sur de España
A CTIONEl perro está comiendo
C ONDITIONAna está enferma
E MOTIONEstoy bien


Ahora, eres un “crack” con el uso de estos dos verbos. ¡ Estás listo(a) para tu próximo examen !

Congratulations! You’ve just unlocked a powerful tool in your Spanish language resources. By understanding the differences between “Ser” and “Estar”, you’ve gained an invaluable skill that will help elevate your proficiency when Speaking Spanish.

Keep up the excellent work, and remember, every step forward in language learning is a victory worth celebrating. ¡Adelante!

You can learn more about the verb “Estar” here, in: Profe de ELE

And remember, stay tuned, because we’ll keep sharing more invaluable tips to help you improve your  French, German, and Spanish language skills here at www.elc.ie .

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