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Studying Over The Midterm Break

As many students have just completed their mock exams and are now enjoying a well deserved break off school, the midterm break is definitely the perfect time to catch up on coursework ahead of the final push before the Junior or Leaving Cert. 

Have a look at our tips below:

Take a break

Although students feel the urge to amp up the study during the midterm. It is essential to take a well-deserved break to ensure you do not burn out. Allocate 2 full days off where you enjoy a sleep in, meet with friends or simply indulge in some Netflix on the couch! This can be a good chance to recharge and refocus your mind on your studies.

Make a timetable

The best way to organise yourself is to write down a list of priorities and timeline for what you’d like to get covered over Midterm. Make this as realistic and attainable for yourself as possible. Do not fall into the trap of comparing yourself to what others are studying. In reality, studying is unique to the individual and each individual has their own study method that works best for them. Once you find out what works for you, you can optimise your study time.

Prioritise the work

As the oral exams are around the corner, midterm can be a good time to organise a study group in which you and a few friends practise your oral exam questions. As you are not getting written homework everyday, it can a good opportunity to focus on other aspects of coursework which you usually may not : oral work or history/art projects.


Exam Technique

Why not try using the Midterm to perfect your exam technique? By tackling exam questions against the clock, it can help improve your confidence ahead of the exams. Having already sat the mock exams, students will have a better idea of what aspect they need to improve on ahead of June. Whether it is your timing, answer planning or simply your knowledge of the exam layout, the midterm can be a great opportunity to really get to grips with the paper.

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